Detective Lieutenant Ruben Romero, Criminal Investigations Division

Detective Sergeant Rod Vizzo, Supervisor, Warrants Unit
(772) 220-7040

The Warrants Unit is comprised of a detective sergeant, four detectives and three warrant/extradition coordinators.  This unit works closely with law enforcement agencies throughout the United States for the apprehension of fugitives and is actively involved with Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers, Inc.
The unit is responsible for the handling of all extraditions of fugitives arrested outside the State of Florida who have fled in order to avoid prosecution for crimes committed in Martin County.  All detectives of the Warrants Unit are deputized members of the United States Marshal Service and participate in the Regional Fugitive Task Force.  This allows these detectives to travel outside the jurisdictional boundaries of Martin County in order to facilitate the arrest and return of fugitives.