Training Unit - Court Services & Training Division

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office recognizes that one of the keys to successful law enforcement operations is a Deputy Sheriff who is well trained and prepared to do his or her job at all times.  The members of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office Training Unit are directly responsible for every element of training and weapons support.  In addition to providing training for all active law enforcement members, this unit also conducts various training sessions for non-sworn Sheriff’s Office employees.
The Training Unit is comprised of a full-time state certified instructors, a training coordinator and a clerk.  These dedicated employees, and a team of certified adjunct instructors, continually work to ensure all aspects of law enforcement training are completed.  This training is often conducted in a traditional classroom setting, but to increase readiness, we also utilize on-line training delivery when possible.  In addition, we take advantage of various field locations for critical hands-on practical training.  The training we deliver meets or exceeds the continuing education and training requirements as outlined by Federal, State, and local requirements.
Our deputies are continuously trained and updated in the latest techniques and strategies in law enforcement.  They receive training and re-qualification on firearms, expandable baton, TASER, and OC Pepper Spray.  All deputies are trained in defensive tactics and the latest non-lethal use of force techniques.  Advanced driver training is taught to ensure each deputy is highly skilled in defensive driving techniques.
The Sheriff’s Office has available for training a state-of-the-art computerized simulator which emphasizes the use of judgmental skills regarding the use of force.
In addition to providing training, we are also responsible for ensuring that our deputies are properly equipped to safely perform their assigned duties.  The equipment we issue and maintain includes Glock pistols, Mossberg shotguns, Colt AR rifles, Taser products, expandable ASP and Peacekeeper batons and OC pepper spray. Through these efforts, the Training Unit strives to ensure that the Martin County Sheriff’s Office will be able to provide the finest law enforcement response to everyone in the community.

Captain Bill Dowdy


Sergeant Robert Smith, Supervisor, Training Unit

Corporal Steve Winegard, Training Unit Staff


Corporal Norm Brush, Training Unit Staff

Corporal Jon Hanton, Training Unit Staff

Rhonda Irons, Training Unit Coordinator