Martin County Sheriff's Office deputies and our Traffic Enforcement Unit work diligently to expand and improve the services provided to the community in an effort to make our daily commutes safe and pleasurable.  The Traffic Enforcement Unit is under the command of Uniform Patrol Division.
The Martin County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit is responsible for supporting the Uniform Patrol Division in assisting with traffic crashes and other traffic enforcement needs as they arise. The Traffic Unit also consists of DUI Enforcement that is responsible for apprehending drunk and impaired drivers.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit is a group of highly trained deputies assigned to patrol all roadways of Martin County.  These deputies target and observe drivers committing crimes and violations such as Reckless Driving, Careless Driving, Move-Over (for Emergency Vehicles) Law violators, Texting while driving, Left-Lane Driving violations, Excessive Speed and other moving violations.  These crimes happen all the time but offenders cannot always be observed by the deputy sheriff driving the traditional patrol vehicle because most aggressive drivers usually drive properly when in the presence of a marked patrol vehicle.

Sheriff Snyder recognizes that "Road Rage" is a major concern on all roadways in Martin County. Aggressive drivers committing these types of crimes are targeted by deputies driving different types of marked and unmarked patrol vehicles.

Visual, radar, laser, time-distance and pace-clock are all utilized as speed measurement tools for enforcement missions in all marked and unmarked patrol vehicles driven by sheriff's deputies, regardless of their assignment.

Lieutenant Todd Schimelfanick, Supervisor, Traffic Enforcement & DUI Section
(772) 220-7144


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