Records Unit - Administrative Operations Division

Call (772) 220-7050
Hours of Operation:  M-F 8am-5pm

The Records Unit is responsible for maintaining all of the central records for the Martin County Sheriff's Office.  These records include the original Offense Incident Reports, DHSMV Crash Reports, Arrest Records, and any supplemental paperwork that needs to be filed with the original reports.

In 2008, Records Processor/Records Customer Services processed approximately 15,500 offense reports.  This number represents the initial reports received in Records and does not include the number of supplemental reports filed for 2008 and any previous year.  All of these reports must be checked for accuracy, logged off in the daily log books and filed.  Copies of these reports are made and disseminated to the proper agencies, such as The Department of Children and Families, Safe Space and the State Attorney's Office.  These reports are also copied and disseminated to other departments within the Sheriff's Office itself.  All of the reports are entered into the Sheriff's Office in-house database by Records Processors, so that all the information is available to anyone within the agency.

The Records Processor/Records Customer Service Clerks are responsible for walk in, telephone and mail in requests for public records.  It would be impossible to keep track of all walk-in and telephone requests, as there are more and more each day, but in 2008 the Records Unit responded to 5,346 mail requests.  Other services provided to the public by the Records Unit are local background checks and fingerprinting.  These background checks will advise if any person has been arrested in Martin County, and in 2008 there were 10,185 of these background checks completed and 3,697 fingerprint cards were completed.

The Assistant Records Manager and two Arrest Records Processors are responsible for all the arrest paperwork received in the Records Unit.  This process consists of the daily entry of all arrest and personal information pertaining to the person arrested into the Sheriff's Office in-house data base, and the electronic submission of all this information to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement so that the information can be added to the person's criminal history.  In the year 2008, 8,414 arrests were processed.  Other duties include the submission of criminal registration paperwork to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and compilation of the arrests for the Uniform Crime Report.

The Records Manager is responsible for the day to day operations of the Records Unit.  Other duties performed by the Records Manager are the compilation of the data for the Uniform Crime Report Program, this data includes total amounts for certain crimes, victims, property values and arrests for certain crimes.

This information, along with the total arrests, is submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement twice a year, a monthly validation process which ensures the accuracy of the stolen property entries in the state and national computer system (FCIC/NCIC).  The Records Manager is also responsible for answering public record request subpoenas and appearing in court if required, all sealment and expungement orders and assisting with data entry.

All persons in the Martin County Sheriff's Office Records Unit have been crossed trained to help their fellow co-workers if needed, and this allows the Martin County Sheriff's Office Records Unit to professionally serve the citizens of Martin County.