Information Technology Unit - Administrative Operations Division

The Information Technology Unit has highly trained professionals that provide technology selection, design, acquisition and implementation. The unit is responsible for systems management and administration, maintenance, and the review and development of IT policies and standards; as well as strategic planning and technical support services essential to the promotion of public safety in Martin County. More than 800 users throughout the agency/ along with other agencies in Martin County/ rely on this unit for efficient communication and data services.

The Information Technology Unit oversees the operation, maintenance, and support for the following systems and equipment:
•Martin County E911 systems
•Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system
•Records Management System (RMS)
•Jail Management System (JMS)
•12 Physical Servers
•40 Virtual Servers
•Over 250 desktop computers
•Over 250 laptop computers: (The use of mobile data computers in patrol cars enhances the Sheriff’s Office productivity).
•More than 600 e-mail accounts
•Develop and implement guidelines for: ◦Hardware/software standardization
◦Anti-Virus/Spam/Spyware prevention/detection
◦Network Security & Management
◦Data Security & Management
◦Internet access
◦E-mail access
◦Backup procedures
◦Disaster recovery planning