The Martin County Sheriff’s Honor Guard Team are sheriff’s deputies from law enforcement and corrections.  The primary mission of the Honor Guard is to represent the Office of Sheriff at ceremonial events.  This includes many categories such as:

  • Performing funeral and burial honors for line of duty, employee, retiree and other deaths
  • Attending memorial services for fallen officers throughout Florida and the entire United States.
  • Participating in the annual Martin County Memorial Service to honor and remember fallen officers
  • Rendering all functions on Patriot Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day services
  • Attending the Florida and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Service
  • Participating in local parades with the Color Guard
  • Posting colors at agency, county, schools and other functions
  • Working directly with the agency Crisis Intervention Coordinator/Chaplains
  • Serving as liaisons and, peer/family support when attending funeral services for officers who have fallen in the line of duty

The Honor Guard Rifle Team renders a ‘Three-Round Volley’ at funerals and other memorials, along with a bugler for Taps.  The Color Guard posts the US Flag, the State of Florida flag and the MCSO agency flag and is flanked by two M14 rifles.  Members are always on standby to respond to events as needed and are assigned special dress uniforms which are worn during the ceremonies.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office had the privilege of hosting an honor guard training academy for law enforcement and fire-rescue personnel from across the country.  The team is very active and receives training throughout the year.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Honor Guard has received several awards and are continually recognized for their outstanding efforts, distinctive uniforms and exceptional performances adding to the quality of many events.

Deputy Sheriff William Weiss, Commander, Honor Guard Team
(772) 220-7146

“Our Honor Guard functions as ambassadors for the Martin County Sheriff's Office and I am honored to have them represent my Office.”  –William D. Snyder, Sheriff