Fleet Maintenance Unit - Administrative Operations Division

Joe Sesta, Manager, Fleet Maintenance Unit
(772) 220-7092

Delores King, Unit Secretary
(772) 220-7092

Martin County Sheriff’s Office vehicles log over five million miles of travel on our local streets and highways in one year.  The vehicles are maintained by the Fleet Maintenance Unit.  Fleet Manager and Senior Mechanic, Joe Sesta, oversees the entire operation. Sheriff's Mechanics Michael Gauroniak, Frank Crugliano, Bob Hitchcock, Bob Keyser and Dave Nunley provide service for all sheriff owned vehicles.  Unit secretary Delores King, provides record keeping for all assets and handles phone calls from employees, vendors and salesmen.

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for maintaining and servicing all motor vehicles used by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.  By providing in-house maintenance on the agency’s fleet, this unit is able to accomplish specialized vehicle service at a fraction of the cost of contracted vendors.  This helps keep costs minimal to taxpayers and helps to ensure the safety of the deputies of Martin County. All sheriff's office mechanics are ASE Certified Master Technicians. Mr. Sesta works to ensure vehicles are in perfect operational order on a daily basis.  Maintenance and trouble-shooting is an on-going process for sheriff's mechanics.  The Fleet Maintenance Unit has been in service at the Martin County Sheriff’s Office since 1985.  At that time, there were a total of 80 vehicles in service.  As the number of vehicles in the fleet has grown over the years, so too have the responsibilities and the number of employees necessary to complete the task.  Personnel are able to stay up-to-date on ever-changing technology with the training that is provided to our personnel.

There is always a mechanic on-call, 24/7, to assist any sheriff's vehicles requiring attention.  Fleet Maintenance employees stand-by and assist during hazardous weather conditions such as floods and hurricanes.  This unit is essential to the safety of the public and employees of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office during these tragic times. The Fleet Maintenance Unit is proud to be part of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, knowing they take part in helping the citizens of our county.

Included in the fleet are Command Vehicles, Special Operations Units, Bomb Disposal Units, a wrecker, motorcycles, ATV's, Lenco Bearcat, MRAP and three Army surplus vehicles used for emergency operations.  The Martin County Sheriff’s Office has completed construction on a new building for the maintenance area.  The building consists of 10-bays with four lifts and all the necessary equipment for required maintenance to all vehicles in service to the community.  An annual auction is held to dispose of high mileage vehicles and forfeitures.  The monies go back into the sheriff’s budget to purchase more vehicles and to save tax money for the people of Martin County.