Field Training Program (FTO) - Professional Standards Bureau

Detective Sergeant Dan Foote, FTO Coordinator
(772) 220-7290

The Martin County Sheriff's Office, in keeping with community expectations for professional law enforcement service, has established the Field Training Officer Program. The mission of the Martin County Sheriff's Office Field Training Program is to prepare new deputies to perform the essential duties of a deputy sheriff for the Martin County Sheriff and to enhance the professionalism of the Uniform Patrol Division through continuous quality improvement in all areas within the agency.

A Field Training Officer (FTO) is an experienced or senior member of an organization who is responsible for the training and evaluation of a probationary level member.  Field training officers receive specialized classroom training and certification to meet Florida state requirements before performing field training duties. The duties of the FTO involve being a role model, clearly communicating the expectations of training, teaching the trainee the policies and customs of the agency, correctly applying concepts learned in the academy to field training operations, and evaluating the trainee on his or her progress in the program in preparation for solo patrol duty. Ultimately, the FTO is responsible for making sure duties are performed properly, professionally and completely.