Corrections Department

Jail Complex
The Martin County Jail Complex currently has 696 maximum security beds.  This facility empowers us to protect the public through the incarceration and supervision of these offenders.  Annually, inmates of every ethnic and socioeconomic group enter this facility with crimes ranging from civil infractions to murder.  Many arrive with drug and alcohol addiction, in addition to requiring mental health services.  The Corrections Department continuously strives to maintain a highly professional working atmosphere for the staff, which enables us to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for the inmates.  In addition, many inmates may receive Vocational Assessment, attend weekly Substance Abuse Programs, religious and personal counseling sessions.  These programs are offered to all eligible inmates, and we encourage them to participate in these programs, receive rehabilitative services and become productive members of the community upon their release.

Reduced Custody Facility
Due to the steady growth of the inmate population, an expansion was added to the main facility.  In 2001, the Reduced Custody Building was constructed, increasing our bed capacity by 69.  This building is designed to house low custody level inmates, who are sent out into the community providing skilled labor with no cost to the taxpayers.  This building is also used for inmates who are sentenced to serve weekends in lieu of straight time.

Direct Supervision Facility
In 2007, we took occupancy of the 144 bed Direct Supervision Model.  This innovative concept has generated considerably reduced percentages of assaults, extortions and lawsuits in comparison to the traditional “linear” style of jail management.  This enables the deputies to directly interact with the inmates, which has proven to be instrumental in promoting positive behavior.  Direct supervision management aids in the unified conformity of the inmates which provokes a less stressful atmosphere.  All services are made available to the inmates in this housing area, which alleviates movement throughout the facility, and significantly reduces staffing requirements.  An additional benefit of Direct Supervision Management is lower construction costs to the residents of Martin County.

Major Wes Starling, Corrections Department & Jail
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