The 31 Martin County Sheriff's Office School Crossing Guards serve our 14 public schools.  They are responsible for the safety of children crossing public streets to attend school.  The most important goal is the prevention of vehicle and pedestrian crashes.  Crossing guards also help educate students on the importance of bicycle helmets and how to walk safely.

Years ago deputy sheriffs had to work at each intersections near schools to help children cross the street.  The Crossing Guard Unit has taken over that task, freeing the uniform deputy to patrol and answer E911 calls for service.

The Crossing Guard Unit falls under the Community Operations Division and works closely with our deputies giving information on school zone driving patterns and violations within the school zones.

Governor Jeb Bush set aside a day in February as School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day.

Thely Murphy, Supervisor, Crossing Guard Unit
(772) 320-4708 Office
(772 260-9007 Field Operations