Special Victims Unit

Detective Sergeant Jesse Carde, Supervisor, Major Crimes & Special Victims Units
(772) 220-7060

The Special Victims Unit, comprised of four detectives, an analyst and supervised by Detective Sergeant Jesse Carde, has been assembled to be a highly specialized investigative unit within the Criminal Investigations Division.  The detectives assigned to the Special Victims Unit are carefully selected, as their investigative focus encompasses some of the most socially charged and offensive crimes that can be perpetrated including sexual battery, crimes against children and crimes against the elderly as well as incidents involving missing or endangered children.  Additionally, one of the detectives assigned to the Special Victims Unit works in a cooperative capacity with the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding crimes against children while also conducting computer forensic investigations for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Through years of specific training and experience, the detectives of the Special Victims Unit utilize a wide range of techniques as well as technology to effectively and efficiently investigate these egregious crimes from initial report through arrest and prosecution, all while balancing the rights and dignity of the victim.  Also, the Special Victims Unit works closely with the Department of Children and Families as well as the State Attorney’s Office, ensuring that victims receive the appropriate resources and counseling as well as justice.