General Assignment Unit

Detective Lieutenant John Perez, Supervisor, General Assignment Unit
(772) 220-7060

The General Assignment Unit of the Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of 6 detectives and supervised by Detective Sergeant John Perez. The unit is charged with investigating all felony cases which include person(s) and property crimes such as assaults, battery, robberies, burglary, grand thefts and vandalisms. In addition to conducting their own investigations, the unit also works closely with investigators assigned to the Major Crimes Unit,  Special Victims Unit, Forensic Science Unit (Crime Scene), as well as the Narcotics Unit.

The investigators assigned to the General Assignment Unit are specially trained and have years of law enforcement experience. Through their training and experience, the detectives within the unit are able to effectively investigate all cases from the initial complaint through the arrest process, and then  work closely with the State Attorney’s Office during the prosecution phase.

The detectives in the General Assignment Unit are committed to providing the highest level of service in an effort to keep Martin County and its citizens safe.