Sheriff's Posse

The Sheriff’s Posse is comprised of certified sworn special deputies and honorary posse members .  The Posse members are local ranchers, farmers and others who work on the ranches and in the groves.  They provide 7 day a week, 24 hour a day surveillance of these rural areas in Martin County for the Sheriff’s Office.

Posse members also respond to major manhunts and missing or lost person searches in rural areas.  Their knowledge of the area and expertise in tracking allows them to follow old or stale 'sign'.  This becomes invaluable in the rural and rugged agricultural areas of Martin County.  They can quickly facilitate finding a missing person or assist deputies in apprehending a fugitive in those areas.  Posse members utilize horses, airboats, swamp buggys, ATV's and 4X4 trucks to assist the sheriff's office in rural areas and waterways.

The MCSO Posse contributes to several local organizations and the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranch by donating money and food gathered through several different charity events they sponsor.  The Posse represents the Sheriff’s Office at the Martin County Fair, area parades, memorial services and the very successful annual Rodeo in Indiantown.

The Sheriff's Posse is assigned to Special Operations Division and works closely with the Agricultural Crimes Unit.  Detective Sergeant Tommy Smith is the liason officer and coordinates the Sheriff's Posse for the agency.  For more information on the Martin County Sheriff's Posse, call (772) 220-7160

Detective Sergeant Pat Colasuonno
(772) 220-7283

Detective Robert Smith, Agricultural Crimes Investigator
(772) 260-5604

Detective John Barca, Agricultural Crimes Investigator
(772) 220-7190