Forensic Science Unit

The Forensic Science Unit (Crime Scene Investigations or CSI) is comprised of five full-time detectives and a forensic science clerk. These detectives are responsible for the collection and security of all physical evidence collected from homicide scenes or other major crime scenes. They are also called to other persons /property crimes when they occur. Their responsibilities include photography, documentation, processing the scene for latent prints and the preservation of all physical evidence associated with crime scenes. Detectives in this unit maintain vehicles that are fully equipped and can therefore respond to several crime scenes simultaneously. The Forensic Science detectives have received extensive training in the field of crime scene investigations. They also have prior law enforcement training in other fields. The unit’s combined law enforcement experience exceeds more than 100 years.

In 2012 our C.S.I. unit worked more than 2,779 hours on nearly 409 crime scenes. These detectives also work closely with other agencies. They continually assist the City of Stuart Police Department, Sewall's Point Police Department, Jupiter Island Police Department and surrounding agencies with finger print identification and evidence processing. We also work closely with the State Attorney’s Office and its Investigators, crime laboratories and the Medical Examiner Office.

Detective Sergeant Karl Nelson, Unit Supervisor

Detective Vance Irick

Detective Bernard Sanders 772-220-7106

Detective John Hilken
(772) 320-4751

Detective Mark Weaver

Detective Doug Cruz

Forensic Science Clerk - Patricia Regis