Major John "Ski" Pietruszewski Firearms Range

On April 26, 2014, Sheriff William Snyder officially dedicated the range the Major John “Ski” Pietruszewski Firearms Range. 

The range is a full service firearms training facility that serves training and mandatory firearms qualifications for all Martin County sheriff’s deputies. The range is approved by Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) as an approved training site.  Indian River State College's Police Academy may use the facility for recruit firearm instruction. 

Sheriff's Office Firearms Staff Instructors conduct training for uniform deputies, detectives and other sworn members of the sheriff's office. Instructors also provide tactical firearms training for members of SWAT and other special purpose teams and their members within the agency. 

The range is not only used by Martin County Sheriff's Office deputies, but local, state and federal law enforcement agencies (DEA, USMS, FBI, Customs/ICE) also train at the facility.

Lieutenant Bill Dowdy, Administrative/Training Supervisor

Deputy Sheriff Jason Howard, Rangemaster

Firearms Staff Instructors:  Lt. Robert Wright, D/S Jason Howard, D/S Steve Winegard, Sgt. Darryl Stokes, D/S William Weiss, D/S Buford Burke, Sgt. Steve Hearn, Det. Sgt. Karl Nelson, Sgt. Rick Parks, D/S Dawn Ferris, Cpl. Bryan Parrett, Det. Lt. Mike Dougherty, D/S Todd Ross, Sgt. Robert F. Smith, D/S Adam Waltersdorff, D/S Brian Youngblood, Lt. Joe Kukuvka, Lt. Ruben Romero, Lt. Danny Cunningham, Lt. Micah Skowronski.