Community Operations & Emergency Management

Stephen G. Leighton, Director, Community Operations & Emergency Management
(772) 220-7000

There is always a potential for an emergency to occur within Martin County.  Depending upon the nature of the emergency, rapid mobilization and deployment of resources may be essential to save lives, protect property and maintain order.

In an emergency, the Sheriff is responsible for planning, organizing and directing all law enforcement activity occurring within Martin County.  The Sheriff has appointed Stephen Leighton as the Director of Emergency Management.  The Director is responsible for the training and preparation for these emergencies.  The Director ensures that all members of the Sheriff’s Office have received the appropriate training needed to respond to these emergencies.  When Martin County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated, the Director ensures that Sheriff’s Office representatives are present throughout the emergency.

The Director of Emergency Management has various responsibilities, including:

  • ICS/NIMs coordinator
  • Ensuring the Sheriff’s Office compliance with Federal, State regulations pertaining to Emergency Management
  • Liaison with State and County Department of Emergency Management
  • Responsible for staffing the County’s EOC with properly trained personnel and directing Sheriff’s Office emergency operations in the event of an emergency