Contact info:  (772) 220-7170

The Agricultural & Environmental Crimes Unit, aka "Ranch and Grove", is assigned to patrol areas populated by cattle ranches, farms, citrus groves, woods and waterways.  These detectives not only patrol these areas, but investigate all criminal cases involving theft of farm equipment and livestock. They are also responsible for tracking and arresting trespassers involved in illegal hunting, fishing, poaching and picking wild mushrooms to make illegal drugs.

Agricultural detectives also respond to major manhunts for fugitives and lost or missing person searches.  Their knowledge of the great outdoors and nature, along with their expertise in tracking, allows them to follow old or stale 'sign'.  This becomes invaluable in rural and rugged areas of Martin County along with urban areas.

The Sheriff's Posse assists the Agricultural Crimes Unit, as several ranchers and farmers are members of this elite group of sworn special deputies.

The Agricultural Crimes Unit patrols rural, unaccessible areas of Martin County, investigates criminal activity, coordinates the Sheriff's Posse and supports the Uniform Patrol Division.

Detective Robert Smith, Agricultural Crimes Investigator
(772) 220-7283

Detective John Barca, Agricultural Crimes Investigator
(772) 220-7170